The collection period for the 2023 GIDA works has been extended to July 6th


The 4th Golden Industrial Design Award (referred to as the "Golden Reed Award") is soliciting excellent design works globally.

Due to the sharp increase in submission data on the official website, some participants have reported that the internet is not smooth, which has resulted in their works being unable to be uploaded or submitted. In order to provide better registration services and user experience, the organizing committee has decided to extend the collection period of works for this competition to 24:00 Beijing time on Thursday, July 6, 2023.

Before the registration deadline, any enterprise, institution, institution, design team, research institution, or individual can register and participate through the official website of the Golden Reed Award (www.goldreedaward. com), jointly winning a total annual prize of 4.5 million yuan. The winner of the Supreme Award will receive a maximum prize of 1 million yuan.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delayed schedule of the initial review and subsequent activities.

Finally, I wish everyone good results and look forward to gathering in Xiong'an to witness the highlight moment of design together!